• Retouching those eyes, Photoshop

    Give a natural look to those eyes, with fantastic retouching in photoshop.

  • Photoshop Collages Part 1

    The basics of building your collage, with 3 images, and a custom background.

  • Facebook Posts, and searchable links

    Creating searchable links with your Facebook Posts

  • YouTube pt. 1

    Creating and completing your YouTube account to build SEO and get you noticed. Part 1 in a series,part 2 will address the actual account set up.

  • YouTube Channel Creation

    Start your YouTube Channel Now!

  • Instagram Video Conversion

    Convert your Instagram videos into a format you can use, edit, make snippets and create more fun informational videos for you to use elsewhere.

  • Lightroom Spot Removal

    Utilizing Lightroom to remove pesky sensor spots!

  • Mailchimp Account set up 1

    This video will take you through its set up, more videos will show you the campaign creation, follow up and more.

  • Mailchimp Setup 2

    More account details.